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This past weekend, I went with 16 (!) other kids in my program up to the Costa Brava, just north of Barcelona, to a town called Tossa de Mar.  It was our first long weekend as that Friday was the Dia de la Constitución, a regional holiday for Catalunya commemorating, actually, the loss of Catalunya’s regional independence to Spain.  So back home we celebrate gaining our independence and Catalans celebrate losing it…huh.  But it meant that we didn’t have classes this Friday (*note: none of the Spanish universities have started classes yet (!), instead we are finishing  three-week long, intensive orientation classes…)

We spent the three days on a “vacation from our vacation,” lounging on the beach, scarfing lots of tapas, and drinking pitchers of sangria in many iterations (red wine sangria, white wine sangria, sangria de cava…).  Here are some shots of Tossa (unfortunately my camera ran out of battery so all photos are credited to my friend, Kinneri):


This is where we were!

This is where we were!


By far one of the best discoveries was this tiny restaurant up in the old medieval section of the town called La Lluna.  This charming tapas joint churned out one mouth-watering dish after the other.  The first night I went with two hungry guys and the three of us collectively ordered the following: an order of patatas bravas (a Spanish specialty of fried potatoes with a spicy aioli sauce), Catalan sausage called butifarra, toasted bread with sopressata sausage and brie cheese, a sampling of Spanish cheeses (think nutty Manchego), meatballs, pan con tomate (sort of like bruschetta but the Spanish version rubs the olive oil and tomatoes over bread and then pitches the rest of the tomato, so all you have are its juice and seeds) and…the winning dish of chorizo in a sublime cider sauce.  You would’ve thought we were at least six people, not three…but hey, tapas are small plates, right?  

After sleeping late in our fortress-like/budget, European-style Poconos hotel (a separate post dedicated to our dear hotel, the San Eloy, to follow), we spent the next day at the beach after exploring some of the medieval fortress and old city (we just exchanged one fortress for the other).  

The Medieval tower atop the fortress.  *Note the presence of the Catalan, NOT the Spanish, flag!

The Medieval tower atop the fortress. *Note the presence of the Catalan, NOT the Spanish, flag!



That night, a slightly larger group returned to La Lluna for another banquet of a meal.  After checking out the town’s nightlife (namely the one busy nightclub), a group spontaneously went skinny dipping (you’ll have to guess whether your blogger partook or not).

On our final day, we awoke to overcast skies as we checked out of the San Eloy, which later worked to our advantage as we were able to secure spots on one of the smaller beaches that opened onto a pretty cove.



Pretty soon the sun came out, and tanning commenced once more.  By far the biggest highlight of the weekend soon followed as some of us bravely went cliff-jumping at the recommendation of one of our fearless friends, Danny.  After testing the waters, so-to-speak, by jumping off a small cliff, we watched as Danny gamely took the plunge (wow, these puns are really easy–I think that’s two…have you been counting?) and jumped off a cliff that we later estimated was 25-30 ft. high.  After attesting that the waters were deep enough, nearly the entire group decided to try it for themselves, including yours truly, and it was exhilarating! It was such a strange feeling to have some sense of awareness while you’re falling down from such a height.  Though I did not enter the water gracefully, and I got a lot of saltwater up my nose and in my mouth, it was thoroughly worth it.  After that adventure, we treated ourselves to lunch and gelato before finally leaving Tossa and returning back to Barcelona, our new home.


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